Thursday, January 29, 2015

Simmer-fried Stuffed Hairy Marrow (红烧酿毛瓜)

It seems I didn't have much savory dish posted in my blog. I've tasted this dish since I was a small girl cooked by my grandmother, then by my mother. Now it's my turn, and I'll like to share it with you. 
Not much ingredients to prepare and it only takes about 20 minutes to cook. I never thought that my little girl loves it so much until she walloped the whole bowl of rice with only this dish!

Hairy marrow or fuzzy melon or even sometimes it's been called hairy cucumber looks like a fat cucumber with tiny little hair on the skin. It's quite popular in the Chinese cuisine especially in Cantonese dishes.
2x400g Hairy marrow (remove skin, cut into rings about 1.5" thick, remove the seeds)
2 tbsps dried shrimps
4 Chinese mushrooms (soaked till soft, cut into small cubes)
1 tbsp garlic (diced)

Mixed together:
500g minced pork
2 tbsps flounder fish powder
2 tsps cornflour
2 tsps sesame oil
alittle pepper
2 tbsps soy sauce
alittle sugar

300ml chicken stock
3 tbsps cornstarch

~ Marinated the minced pork with the seasoning above for at least 30 minutes
~ Cleaned and removed the skin of the melon, cut into rings about 1.5" thick and removed the seeds
~ Stuffed the meat into the melons hole (shown above)
~ Heat up some oil then panfry the stuffed melon till half cooked. (both sides till brown)
~ Stir fry the garlic, dried shrimps and mushrooms till fragrant then add in the chicken stocks
~ When the stock begins to boil, put in the stuffed melons and cover the lid
~ Simmer at low heat for 20 minutes
~ Add in the cornstarch and bring to boil. Dish up!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Ive Done Lately!

Hi! How are everyone doing lately? Me?!...Very busy since my daughter's school starts but of course I do cook and bake everyday. What I've been cooking? Here are some of them, something simple but delicious for my family. Well, of course there are some more but those are the repeat recipes which I've posted before so I'm not going to repost them.
I'm having a very important mission to complete this coming week. I'll let you know what it is later..hehe!
I'll make this post as short as possible, hope that you still enjoy reading it..:p

Here, the 1st one...saw this from a tv show once that a taiwanese cook did something with the chicken breast and I find that was interesting. With some changes, well actually I did change the whole idea except wrapping with the chicken breast. Flatten the chicken breast and marinated with some salt, paprika powder and black pepper then wrapped with anything that you desire ( I stuffed with some brinjals, carrots and cheddar cheese) Rolled them up and sealed with toothpicks. Then grilled at 250'C until done (about 20-30 mins) Removed the toothpicks and sliced. Served with some garden salad. Yummy!

Next, the roasted pork which is my family favourite. This is a super delicious and easiest recipe for roasted pork I ever done. get the recipe here.

Deep fried Spring Rolls! What a sinful snacks for my afternoon tea. using only the frozen spring rolls wraps that I got from the supermarket, the yummilicious fillings that I invented myself..haha! Nice!!
Fillings are minced shallots,turnips (thinly sliced), carrots (thinly sliced) and dried beancurd (thinly sliced). Stirfry the shallots till fragrant, then add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Add seasoning~ oyster sauce, sugar and pepper. (amount depends to individual) Slowly add in water until there is a small amount of gravy will do. Slow cook till the vege softened. Wrapped with the psring roll wraps and deep fry until golden brown.

Another old recipe here, the chiffon cake. Well this time I did 2 flavors in a cake because my daughter has been asking for chocolate flavor and me, I like the orange one. so at the end, I combined both!!Do look for the chiffon cake recipe from my blog here for details.

Lastly but not least, remember I mentioned earlier that I have a very important mission? Here's the roses that I wanted to show you. Chocolate fondant roses all done for a wedding cake next week!! I'm very satisfied with the roses here after so long that I didn't practice making them. Not bad huh?..hehe!
They are for my dear cousin's sister's wedding next week. So stay tune for the cake ya...^^


Monday, December 29, 2014

Tuna Buns

Today will be my last bake in 2014. A simple Tuna Buns for today's lunch! I'm not really in the mood of baking or cooking these few days as it keeps raining everyday and floods everywhere near east coast of Malaysia. So sad to hear that the numbers of victims increasing everyday and we, those who stay west can't do much for them. I'll pray hard and may god bless the victims and their families.

School holidays have been extended to another week due to the rain and floods here. That means my daughter will be resuming school only on the 12th of January 2015. Hmm....another week huh....I'll take that week to boost up my energy for baking and cooking!! So stay tune, there might be something coming up then...^^"

Recipe makes 7-8 buns
Starter dough:
230g Bread flour / High protein flour
5g instant yeast
160-170g water

~ Mix them well with a mixer then let proof for 1.5 hours

Bread dough:
20g egg (beaten)
60g castor sugar
1/4 tsp salt
25g cold water
2.5g instant yeast
100g bread flour / High protein flour

30g butter

1 small can of tuna mayonnaise

~ Add in the above ingredients (except butter) into the starter dough
~ Mix well till a dough form then add in butter, continue kneading to form a smooth and elastic dough
~ Divide into 60g each, knead into long strip, then fold into desire shape.
~ Place them onto prepared tin or paper cups. Let proof for another 10-15 mins or until double in size
~ Brush with egg wash and put filling on top
~ Bake at 190'C for 15 minutes.

 The texture are super soft as you can see the picture I've shown above. You can make this with other fillings for example sardines or even chicken curry. Good to serve for breakfast, lunch or tea!

Lastly, I'll like to wish everyone here a very Happy New Year and lots lots more interesting bakes to come in 2015!!
Happy New Year!


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