Monday, May 18, 2015

Baked Mini Sponge Cakes/Kueh Bahulu (小小鸡蛋糕)

Feeling great when you got things done at the first time. I've wanted to try this cake long time ago but never have the gut to do it until my mom gave me the mold weeks ago. Actually I've bookmarked this recipe from my collection of books long long time ago..haha! Yeah...finally I get to to it. And yay! I've got it right in my first attempt. 
My mom used to make this Mini Sponge Cake / Kueh Bahulu every year for us during Chinese New Year. She has been using many different kinds of recipe (mostly her own recipe..haha!) and sometimes she just couldn't get it right. You know, when she refused to follow the proper recipe and go with her own instinct instead...hmm, I should make this for her to try..;p
All the simple ingredients required (no emulsifier or any artificial ingredients) and you can have some soft and fluffy mini cakes for tea or breakfast. Love it!

200g cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
300g eggs (without shell)
250g castor sugar
1 tsp pure vanilla essence
50g corn oil


* Dry-fry cake flour in a clean wok till light. (the lighter you feel the better). Cool.
* Sieve cooled flour together with baking powder.
* In an electric mixer beat eggs and sugar till very light and fluffy. Add in vanilla.
* At low speed fold in flour and corn oil alternatively. (starts and ends with dry ingredients)
* Preheat oven at 180'C. Heat and grease molds.
* Spoon in batter into molds (3/4 full) and bake at 180'C for 15 minutes or till golden brown.
* Remove and cool completely before storing in an air tight container.
(use a tooth pick to remove the cakes from the mold if you are using the stainless steel mold like mine)

Did some with small round cake molds (about 2" width) and they look beautiful.
Maybe you can try with other flavors by adding pandan juice or cocoa powder for chocolate lovers. I think I'll try some with coffee next time...hehe!

Have a look in the inside of the cake, does it looks soft to you? Maybe you have a better one...please do share with me ya. Thanks in advance..(^_^)

Happy Baking!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chinese Style Fried Prawn Pancakes 炸虾饼

This is one of my favourite when I was a kid. I still remember, at that time there was a lady riding her bicycle selling different kinds of kueh. She will stopped by my house for few minutes to sell her delicious kueh. And then, we (my sisters and I) will asked my mom to buy some for us, and this Fried Prawn Pancake was always my order..;p
Now, I still get to buy some when I used to go "Pasar Malam" or the night market.

Well, at last I did try it myself and YES!! They are GOOD, TASTY...YUMMY!!!
Alright...I'm not so sure what's the proper name for this yumilicious kueh. In Mandarin, we used to call it 炸虾饼, where it was so called Fried Prawn Cake/Biscuits (direct translate) Somehow, I find it weird to name it "biscuits" or "cake" I just named it "Fried Prawn Pancakes"! 
Anyway, no matter what's the name is, the most important point is...they are DELICIOUS!

Here's my own version of the pancakes, maybe you can share with me if you have a better one...(^_^)

250g plain flour
1 tbsp blended rice flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp five spice powder (五香粉)
a little white pepper to taste
1 tbsp cooking
350ml water
a little spring onions (cut into 1" long)
some shredded Jicama (optinal)
15 medium prawns (remove the scales or leave it to whole depends to individual)

Cooking oil for deep fry.

* Mix all ingredients together except the prawns, to form a runny batter (shown above)
* Heat up the oil, preheat a ladle (any size as you desire) in the hot oil.
* When the ladle is hot enough, spoon some batter (filled up half of the ladle) into the ladle and place a prawn on it.
* Soak the ladle into the hot oil where the oil must cover the surface of the kueh.
* After a minute or two, use a small knife or cutter gently scrape the side of the ladle to remove the pancake.
* Let the pancake continue to fry till golden on both sides. Repeat the steps until all the batter has used up.

** Thickness depends to individual. If you like a thinner and crispy one, spoon to fill up 3/4 of the ladle will do.

Love the texture to bits. Crispy outside and soft in the inside. Serve with your favourite chili sauce or just have it plain like that. 

The portion of the ingredients makes 15 (slightly thick ones) I will make this again very soon because I just can't get enough of it...hehe!
Hope you like this too!!!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chicken Curry Bread Pot 咖喱面包窝

What a BIG bun huh?!! It is really BIG..haha! (see the 2nd pic) Too big that my hands can't manage to grab the whole bun! Wonder what's inside? Scroll down and you'll see...(^o^)

See how big it is here....Opps! the cracked top..:(( The bread was too soft that I've accidentally cracked it while removing it from the baking pan.

Yeah!! Chicken Curry was hidden inside this BIG bun! (sorry for the bad images here, the light was too dim when I took these pictures)
This is how they served the Chicken Curry with bread back in my hometown.

I'm sorry too that I've forgotten to take some pictures on how I wrapped the Curry Chicken with the bread dough. But it was rather easy, just need to be careful and gently not to tear the bread dough apart.

Recipe and method for the bread,... please refer to honeybeesweets blog.

* Cook the curry chicken with some thick gravy and wrap with an aluminium foil (seal tight)
* Rub some butter on a 10" round cake pan or lined it with a parchment paper.
* Roll out the ready bread dough into a round shape (enough to wrap up the foiled Curry Chicken) with a rolling pin, thickness about 2". Slightly roll a little thinly the sides of the bread dough.
* Place the rolled dough on top of the wrapped Curry and seal at the bottom.
* Place into an 10" round cake pan
* Brush some egg wash on top of the bread (do not skip this because we want the bread top to be a little shinny and crispy)
* Bake at 170'C for 45 minutes
* Once done, cool slightly and remove from the pan and serve.

Recipe for Chicken Curry....please refer to my older post on Steamed Spare-ribs Curry.
Replace the spare ribs with chicken or any other meat. Then reduce the amount of water so that you'll have a thicker gravy for easy wrapping.
* Wrap up the curry with some gravy with aluminium foil, seal tightly to avoid any leaking when baking.'s time to serve. We had this for dinner last few days, and I'm going to make this again for our coming party end of this month. ^^
This was my first attempt though, and I got it right! Yay!!! And I'm glad everyone loves it..:))

Here are some braided buns with the same bread recipe which I've done earlier. Love the texture, and they were still soft the next day!

Happy Baking!


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